WARNING: Do not read while eating.


My flash fiction story, “Sensory Research,” is now live at Prime Number Magazine, Issue 31.3! Published in anticipation of the upcoming AWP Conference in Boston.

“We serious writers huddle in the corner…” Read the story…

One thought on “WARNING: Do not read while eating.

  1. Hi Maryann,
    My name is Rebecca Keller. I am an artist and writer and professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My art practice is very involved with creating research driven, site-complicit projects in historic sites and landscapes under the umbrella term Excavating History. I have done them individually and also as part of a loose collective

    Excavating History’s art installations, publications and performances and public programs/projects uses the tools and approaches of contemporary art to complicate the narratives of historic places–telling overlooked stories, using the embedded narratives to imagine alternative interpretations–and to suggest alternative futures. I have done them individually and as part of a collective of artists and writers. A book about these projects was published a couple years ago (http://www.amazon.com/Excavating-History-artists-historic-sites/dp/0980230055)
    Anyway, a small group of us are doing a series of projects in Braddock PA–and a little research turned up your name as a former writer in residence!
    It looks like you aren’t in the Braddock area anymore, but perhaps you return periodically? Or perhaps you did some writing that illuminates or responds to that place? If so, we’d love to see if we could somehow share it through this project…
    Please contact me via email.

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