New Out of the Forge Writer-in-Residence!


I’m super excited and honored to be the Out of the Forge Writer-in-Residence in Braddock, PA this fall!


Maryann Ullmann holds an MFA in Fiction from Chatham University where she was awarded the 2011-2013 Margaret L. Whitford Fellowship. In her time at Chatham, she served as co-chair of the MFA Student Council, organized monthly student readings, earned a certificate in creative writing pedagogy, and taught classes at Pittsburgh CAPA, the Allegheny County Jail, and EarthINK. She’s also a travel addict who has lived abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she organized a network of expat writers. She has published a variety of stories, essays, articles, and poems relating to her explorations of culture and social and environmental issues in outlets such as Permafrost, Prime Number, Halfway Down the Stairs, International Living, Cultural Survival Quarterly, and Whole Terrain, among others.


No (real) sentient beings were harmed in the writing of this story …


The new winter issue of Permafrost Magazine, 35.1, with my story “Deceptively Like Home” is now available for order online. $10 & it’s a beautiful issue! Also just realized the magazine is the same age as me, which is either really cool or really creepy. It’s based out of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, and they said they liked featuring the story of a polar bear not in Alaska. Indeed, it’s about a polar bear hitchhiking in Mexico, and the determined-for-adventure young couple that decides to give him a ride.

Deceptively Like Home:

“They were lost in some sort of salt mine field, eerily quiet, the piles of crystals stacked around still pools of water reflecting the milky blue morning sky. Glen had idled their open air Jeep Wrangler, and he and Audrey were now discussing what to do about the polar bear fifty or so yards down the salt dust road. The bear had walked into the middle and sat on his back haunches, camouflaged like it were an arctic desert. He kept his black nose pointed at them for a while, then looked down at his left paw and began to lick and bit at it, like there was something stuck there. Or something hurt…” Read the story…

2013 cover